A weekly roundtable fanning the flames of freedom.


Episode 49

Published on:

27th Dec, 2022

Episode 48

Published on:

20th Dec, 2022

Episode 47

Published on:

13th Dec, 2022

Episode 46

Published on:

6th Dec, 2022

Episode 45

Published on:

30th Nov, 2022

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About the Podcast

Fireside Freedom Podcast
A weekly roundtable fanning the flames of freedom.
We’ve put together a great group of content creators for a weekly livestream/podcast to “chat around the fire” about topics that might just interest you: homesteading, prepping, liberty, self-reliance, DIY, gettin' stuff done. It’s real people talking about real life and trying to figure out how to really fix something, whether that's someone's common life/homestead/whatever issue we bring to the table that week, or some big current event issue that everyone in the world is discussing.

About your hosts

Jeremy Hawkins

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I am retired from the Army National Guard and warehouse worker who loves to homestead and find side Hustles to make extra money. From growing plants and animals to sale to buying return pallet and abandoned storage units. My ulltment goal is to go full time farming / resaleing so I can be at home more with my wife, two daughters and son. My youtube channel Chickenhawkfarmstead is full of DIY projects, product reviews and updates on how the homestead is comming along.

Youtube https://youtube.com/channel/UCG3V9m07j8svmVZAaWywqWA
Odysee https://odysee.com/$/invite/@Chickenhawkfarmstead:5
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/invites/contact/?i=2bhf1vajeh5w&utm_content=3diy1xi
Mewe https://mewe.com/i/hawkinsj

Brian Aleksivich

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Brian Aleksivich built and operated Happy Hills Homestead with his wife Kori from 2014-2021. They have decided to get out of the cold of Minnesota and hit the road looking for a better climate to restart their homesteading life. Brian retrofitted a camper to be completely off-grid and has also started an initiative called The LOTS Project. The goal of The LOTS Project is to build an online space where a federation of landowners can interact with a network of zero and low impact campers. He hopes for big things from this project. You might also hear him mention his 3 giant dogs. His wife Kori runs a social media account for their 3 St. Bernards. You can find all of it at the links below.

t.me/thelotsproject (channel) t.me/lotschat


Lettie Loo

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Lettie lives in Northwest Wisconsin with her husband and toddler son. She is an Illinois refugee who has gladly escaped the confines of Cook County in favour of a slower life in Little Red House in a small country town. She is the host of the “Liberty All Day” blog and podcast, a monthly recording, as well as “Lettie Sings,” where she explores various Irish rebel and folk songs, and finds how they relate to the goings on today. Lettie loves to read, write, and bake, and is going on her second year of gardening.
You can also find her on Flote & Odysee:
Flote: https://flote.app/user/LettieLoo
Odysee: https://odysee.com/@libertyallday:1
Blog: https://libertyallday.home.blog/

Tim Cook

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Tim Cook is a Regular contributor to the expert council on The Survival Podcast and The Prepper Broadcast network. As well a content creator who releases five times weekly between his YouTube channel and podcast.

Tim runs a successful handyman business in Alberta Canada, with his wife and twin 11 year old daughters. Tim shares The Workshop Podcast three times weekly where he focuses on preparedness, Independent living, home maintenance, tools, and entrepreneurship.

http://toolmantim.co/ WEBSITE
http://www.youtube.com/c/toolmantimsworkshop/ YOUTUBE
https://anchor.fm/toolmantim PODCAST
https://www.instagram.com/toolmantimsworkshop INSTAGRAM
https://flote.app/user/ToolmanTim/ FLOTE

Ken Eash

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Ken lives with his wife and dog in a camper on a 20 acre homestead in south central KY. In addition to the homestead, he operates a small construction/handyman company. His true passion is empowering others to fulfill their God-given potential, which he does through his coaching/consulting biz, Empowering Forward Momentum. He host two podcasts, The Constructive Liberty podcast, and the Teen Catalyst podcast. You can connect with Ken on Flote, MeWe, and a few other socials.